Happy Holidays from Google

Received a mail from Google wishing ‘Happy Holidays’.

This is the first time probably I have received something of this sort from Google.
A link in the email led me to Happy Holidays Page where it says:

This gift is for someone very special:

Because charities are experiencing their toughest year in decadeds. We have committed $20 million to helping those who help us all. Our gift to you is a gift to them. Happy Holidays.

Current List of Intended Recipients:

* Feeding America
* Boys and Girls Clubs
* Smile Train
* CARE, Mothers Matter
* World Wildlife Fund, Natural Capital Project
* Mobile Creches
* Prajwala
* HEAL Africa
* African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

* The Mango Tree
* National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
* Harlem Children’s Zone
* Save the Children, Latin America focus
* Reporters Without Borders
* Witness
* Loud Against Nazis
* Global Voices

* Ushahidi
* Save the Children, Middle East and Eurasia focus
* Grupo Cultural Afro Reaggae
* Ashesi University College, Ghana
* Pratham
* Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
* Shin Shin Educational Foundation
* Tzu Chi Foundation

Nice thought. Isn’t it. Google – Keep up the good work!


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