Need an integrated view of all the information you possess? Try Apatar

Apatar Mashup Data Integration Apatar is an open source data integration software. Apatar is an innovative and powerful suite of software tools designed to provide extraordinary productivity benefits to those organizations that need to move data in and out of different sources. Applications include data warehousing, data migration, synchronization and application integration. Apatar can be utilized to:

  • Integrate data across the enterprise
  • Populate data warehouses and data marts
  • Cross systems such as: source systems, flat files, FTP logic, Queue-to-Queue, and Application-to-Application
  • Cross time zones currency barriers efficiently
  • Overcome brittle “mainframe” or legacy code uplinks that transfer data, sometimes unreliably
  • Schedule and maintain no-code or little code in connections to many different systems.

Not only does Apatar make data migration easier and quicker, but it also ensures the quality of the data being integrated.

Apatar can be used to integrate data lying in separate databases. It is very easy to use and even a non technical person can easily use it.

Why Apatar?

Download: You can download Apatar for free from here:
Support: Forum based support:
Free Datamaps Download:
Apatar in Action:

Give it a try and let me know your views on Apatar.


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