Outlook Productivity Tool – Liaise

Most of us are using Microsoft Outlook to keep track of our emails, to dos, notes, calendar and contacts. Email is an effective medium of communication. Conveying a message is important but keeping track of it and see that it is transformed into an action is equally important. With hundreded of emails flowing in everyday, it becomes really difficult to keep track of important action items. Liaise – Turn words into action – comes to help  to sort out this problem.

he Liaise solution automatically finds the critical information woven into these daily communications, and transforms it into actionable reminders and reports.

  • Capture:

When’s the meeting? Where’s the project? How are sales?
Almost everything we write contains KeyPoints such as tasks, issues, dates and deliverables. Liaise automatically identifies and captures these actionable items within your business communications. You’re always as up-to-date as your last key stroke.

  • Manage:

Liaise gives your communications context. Incoming assignments are automatically captured, cataloged and prioritized for appropriate action. You also receive concise summaries, calendar integration and on-demand reports to help you easily manage your projects and track your progress.

  • Collaborate:

Liaise keeps everyone on the same page and working toward the same goal, both inside and outside your company. Collaboration between teams, departments, vendors and customers becomes simple and transparent. Through the Online Services, any change you make to an assignment or task is automatically shared with every team member—without the need to send an additional e-mail.

  • See Liaise in Action:

  • System Requirements:
    • Office 2003 or 2007
    • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Minimum 1ghz processor and 1GB RAM
  • Download:



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