Towards Cloud Computing: is an online business suite including CRM, Sales, Accounting, Projects, Purchasing, Inventory. It is fully integrated with Google Apps, Gmail and Calendar.

Managing a business is finally free, easy and intuitive. Anyone with a Google Apps account can log into with a few clicks and get started almost instantly.

  • Free up to 2 users. Not a limited trial
  • Access Online. No software to install
  • CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting streamlines key processes of any operation: sales, purchases, CRM, accounting, inventory and logistics. By keeping all information in one place, data entry is reduced and small businesses can make smart and quick decisions thanks to a real-time view of their activity.

Because every industry has its own unique businesses process, is also adaptable, and its base features fit the needs of many companies, such as services providers, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution.

The free version includes 2 simultaneous users and offers them instant and indefinite access to the full functionality of the application (contrary to limited trial versions of other products).

The premium version, with affordable monthly rates starting at $29 per additional user, empowers business teams to an unlimited capacity of simultaneous users.


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